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Want to build an online store? There are so many shopping cart scripts you can use. I’ve tried and tested a number of them like OSCommerce, Zencart and OpenCart. However, I always find myself going back to WordPress. So here I share with you the two WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins I commonly use.

Basically, all my WordPress based eCommerce sites are built with either one of them.

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins In The Repository

Before that, however, allow me to share 5 of the many shopping cart plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Repository:

  1. WP-eCommerce
  2. MarketPress
  3. JigoShop
  4. Easy Digital Downloads
  5. eShop

Yes, there are just so many shopping cart plugins available. Thus, I am not going to write about all of them. I am only going to touch on the two that I am currently using. I like them, maybe you would too.

The Free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin I use in my Shopping sites

WooCommerce is an excellent free shopping cart plugin. It allows you to sell just about anything. You can sell physical, digital and even affiliate products with WooCommerce.

Installation and setup is pretty straight forward. To install, just search for WooCommerce in the WordPress Plugin repository and install it directly from there.

Prior to putting in all your products into the system, you will have to first configure a few basic settings. Fill in your company details (name, address, currency, etc) and payment information (paypal, bank accounts, other payment gateway info).

It shouldn’t take you long to fill up these information into the system.

Flexible Product Management.
WordPress ShoppingCart Plugin: WooCommerce Product Management
Managing your products in WooCommerce is easy. It is similar to managing your WordPress posts and pages. WooCommerce provides a very intuitive product management interface. Of course with a number of additional add-on to facilitated product attributes.

The following video shows how easy it is to add a digital product into WooCommerce.

Easy Order Management.
WordPress ShoppingCart Plugin: WooCommerce Order Management
WooCommerce also provides an easy to use Order Management interface. You can easily manage your orders from the main Order screen.

One of the most tedious work when handling orders is to inform customers about their delivery tracking number. You would have to email each and every customer their tracking number individually via your email client interface.

With WooCommerce, this can be done from within the Order Management screen. As shown in this video.

Comprehensive Sales Report.
WordPress ShoppingCart Plugin: WooCommerce Sales Reports
WooCommerce provides reports for sales, coupons, customers and stock. These reports are presented in graphs and stats format. These reports allow you to monitor the performance of your business from month to month.

Mesmerizing Shopping Themes.
WordPress ShoppingCart Plugin: WooCommerce Themes
WooCommerce will probably work with all available WordPress themes today. However, it is best to use it with themes specifically built for the plugin. WooThemes provide quite a number of excellent themes for WooCommerce. Some are free too.

Are you an Amazon Affiliate? you can also use WooCommerce to sell Amazon affiliate products. I have quite a number of Amazon sites which acts as my passive income generator month in and month out. These sites are built by integrating WooCommerce with another Amazon plugin. The Amazon products are displayed to the public by WooCommerce. The other plugin just brings in the Amazon products into WooCommerce.

Add More Features With Extension Plugins.
Due to a publicly available API, there are now a large number of extensions for WooCommerce available. These extensions provide additional features and functions to the WooCommerce platform.

Need some special feature not readily available in the plugin? There’s probably an extension already built for it.

Try look for your the features you want in the free WooCommerce Extension list here first. If you could not find what you want, check out the premium WooCommerce extensions.

The Premium WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin I use in my Shopping sites

Back when I first started building shopping sites with WordPress, there weren’t many premium shopping cart plugins. I came upon this excellent shopping cart plugin named WP eStore from

Here’s a video showing WPeStore in action from a buyer’s point of view.

I’ve been using this wonderful plugin ever since. What I like best about WPeStore. It’s got all the necessary features of a shopping cart system and more. I paid once and have enjoyed continuous updates. Additional features are constantly added via plugin add-ons without additional costs. Excellent support. Excellent WPeStore documentation.

Configuring WPeStore.
WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin - WPeStore Settings
Yes, there is quite a lot of settings to configure. You ought to do this before you even think about adding in your products. You should at least configure your currency, payment methods, notification emails, mailing list integration, affiliate program integration, etc. This part is only configured once and you should be all set to add products.

If you sell digital products such as ebooks and softwares, your download links are safe. WPeStore can encrypt your download links. Your customers will receive an encoded link that will expire as you’ve configured (eg: after 48 hours or 5 link clicks). You can also configure so that WPeStore shortens the encoded link with link shortening service.

Product Management.
WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin - WPeStore Product Management
Before adding your products, it’s best to first define your categories and create them. That will make it easier for you to put your products within your categories.

If you are creating a downloadable digital product, note that you can set a different value for download dateline and limits for each product. This will override the global settings set in the configurations.

Do you have license or serial numbers to distribute with your software? Generate them in bulk and store them in the respective field. WPeStore will provide your buyers with one serial from the list automatically.

Order Management.
WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin - WPeStore Order Management
This order management interface is basically very useful if you provide a manual payment methods like Check, ATM and Online banking transactions. This provides you with the means to update an order once payment has been received.

The system will proceed to deliver the digital product to your client once you’ve set the transaction as paid in the system.

Stats and Reports.
WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin - WPeStore Stats
The stats and reports are pretty basic. They should be sufficient for most users.

The Look of Your Store.
WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin - WPeStore Shop Layout
WPeStore does not dictate how your store will look like. Although they do provide 13 product display templates for you to choose from. They also provide all the WordPress shortcodes you need to display your products.

As you can see here in this blog. I’ve used a number of ways to display my products. Go ahead, take a peek at them:
1. My Products Page
2. My Resell Rights Sentral Page
3. My WordPress Products Page

Here is a demo of WPeStore that you should have a look at.

Well, that’s my not so brief sharing on the two WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins that I in the sites I build. If you are in the midst of building your own online store, have a look at these two. I’m pretty sure you will end up choosing either one.

Feel free to ask questions via the comments if you have any. Have you got friends who are looking for shopping cart solutions? Share this with them. 😀