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Configure Settings For Optin Pop

Configure Settings For Optin Pop

List building is certainly a must for internet businesses. If you have yet to start building a list for your business, it’s high time you start. If your internet business website is built on WordPress, here is an excellent plugin you can use to start building that list of yours. It’s called the OptinPop Plugin.

I’ve been testing out this plugin for a couple of weeks now. Setting it up is fairly easy. It installs like any other plugins. There’s not that many options to configure too. Just set the optin page and how you want the pop up to appear. That’s it.

Of course, you will need an autoresponder account to manage your opt-ins. You will also need to create the optin page yourself. A good autoresponder will have the necessary codes ready for you.

I’ve faced a problem while testing out the FREE version of OptInPop. It will always show the pop up box even if I set it to show only once in 1 day.

I checked the Cookie set by the plugin – iOptinPopBox and saw that the path is set to “wpfolder” which is where my wordpress is installed. However my blog site is not where my wordpress is installed.

mysite is at
my wp is installed at

Removing the SITECOOKIEPATH code in Optin Pop

Removing the SITECOOKIEPATH code in Optin Pop

That seems to be the cause of my problems. So I went to the Plugin Editor and modified the code portion where the cookie path is set.

I basically removed the portion containing SITECOOKIEPATH and saved the code.

Upon testing, the plugin now works as it should on my Internet Marketing Expose site.

Maybe it’s not really a problem with the Plugin. Maybe it’s a WordPress setting somewhere that sets the SITECOOKIEPATH value to the installed wordpress url.

What’s the correct SITECOOKIEPATH value anyway? Should it be the wordpress installation url or the blog url?

Am I the only one seeing this problem?

Actually, I don’t recommend the fix I’ve used here. This fix will be overwritten when the plugin is updated. As such, you will have to edit the code every time you update the plugin.

Hopefully the next update will have this issue solved.