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In general, WordPress sites are used as blogs. Although many are now building corporate and ecommerce sites using WordPress. As such, I still see many WordPress home pages displaying the default current posts. KodeeXII.Net included.

This issue of KodeeXII.Net’s Weekly WordPress Tips recommends that you should put up a landing page as your default home page. Yes, even if your site is indeed a blog.

What is a Landing Page?

In short, a landing page is a web page with a very specific objective – to capture information from the visitors that landed on the page. People who arrives at a landing page have only two options. They either provide the information requested on the page or leave.

Here is a sample of a landing page. Landing Page

Why use a Landing Page?

The most important reason to use a landing page is simply because.. it works! A landing page forces the visitor to focus on the objective of the landing page. You have probably worked hard or paid some money to get them there. So, a good landing page will ensure that the visitor will do what ever it is that you wanted them to do – most commonly, fill in the email capture form.

They are not distracted by other pagelinks and ads not related to the objective of the landing page.

How to create a Landing Page?

Here is a video showing how easy it is to create a landing page in WordPress

As shown in the video, with the use of WPOptins Elite plugin, you can definitely build a landing page within minutes on your WordPress website.

You can even build a professional landing page like this.

There are also many excellent themes out there that can provide you with the capability of creating landing pages. These themes have landing page templates built-in into the theme itself. Themes like Divi by Elegant Themes and InstaTheme are examples of themes with Landing Page templates.

However, I prefer to go the plugin way when creating WordPress landing pages. With plugins, your landing pages are not affected when you decide to change themes through out the lifetime of your website.

If you go with the theme strategy, every time you change your WordPress theme, you will have to redesign your landing pages as the page template may not be available in you new theme.