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Wordpress 2.9 Carmen Update

Introducing WordPress 2.9 Carmen

Yes, you read that right. WordPress 2.9.1 update is coming out soon. Barely one week after the release of WordPress 2.9. Apparently the new version has some problems with PHP’s curl extension on certain hosts.

Last week, or should I say 6 days ago, WordPress 2.9 was made available for public download. A slew of new features are made available on the new version apart from some bug fixes. Overall, the 2.9 could be considered as a feature enhancement version for many. Among the most notable additional features include:

Undo / Trash: Users can now select to put items into a trash can. Posts, pages, categories and whatnots will now be sent to a trash can instead of being deleted. Just like the recycle bin in your Windows computer (if you use Windows), you can restore items in your trashcan if you’ve deleted them by mistake.

Image Editor: You can now perform some level of image editing within WordPress itself. Simple actions like cropping, editing, rotating, flipping, and scaling your images can be done outright from WordPress. No longer will you need an external photo editing software to do simple photo formatting. Of course, don’t expect it to replace Adobe Photoshop or even MS Paint for that matter.

Bulk Plugin Updates: I’m sure many of you are annoyed with having to click so many times when multiple plugins are upgraded at the same time. Well, for those of you who are running like tonnes and tonnes of plugins, this allows you to update all plugins with new updates with a single click.

Smart and easy video embeds: How many video related plugins have you got running on your website or blog? WordPress 2.9 is now smart enough to embed videos properly on your site. Just post the url link to the video and WP2.9 will automagically transform that link into its proper embeded code. View the following video about this new feature.

Have you upgraded to you WordPress to 2.9? I have, on all my two stand alone WordPress sites. Both of them upgraded smoothly. No problems what so ever. Even the plugins are working just fine. The rest of my other sites are on WPMu. Don’t really know when they will release a 2.9 for WPMu yet.