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WordPress 2.9.1 has just been released a few days back. Have you updated your WordPress installs? Go and update now if you haven’t as this update fixes a number of bugs in the 2.9 release.

WordPress 2.9.1

WordPress 2.9.1 Released

Just completed updating this blog to 2.9.1. The autoupdate works like a charm as usual. So far, all my plugins seem to be working just fine. I did however update my plugins first before updating the WordPress core. Not sure if this is a best practice but that’s just what I normally do before updating the WordPress core.

I’m sure many have opted to wait for this 2.9.1 release before updating to 2.9. Well, now should be the best time for you to update your WordPress site. My experience with WordPress has been great so far. I’ve always updated my sites to the latest version as they become public. Yes, I upgrade immediately, always. Alhamdulillah, thankfully, I have never faced any problems on any of my sites.

Related to the 2.9.1 update, WordPress MU 2.9.1 is also in the pipeline. It’s been a while since the MU has been updated. I think it’s at 2.8.1 right now. Anyway, I am now patiently waiting for the release of WordPress MU 2.9.1. Have a number of sites running on MU at the moment.

Not familiar with WordPress MU? MU allows you to run multiple WordPress sites on a single WordPress installation. Makes your life as administrator slightly easier especially in terms of plugins and themes updates. Do it once and all your sites are updated.

If  you are not familiar with MU, now would be a good time to try it out. The next major release  (WordPress 3.0) will merge  WordPress and WordPress MU, together into a single core version. Will the merge make WordPress more complex?

At the moment, many shared hosting sites do not support WordPress MU. How will the merge affect them in the future? Will they stop supporting WordPress? I sure hope not. I they do, it’ll cost them quite a bit. I’d say many sites today are built on WordPress even if it’s not a blog. WordPress is almost everywhere now. It’s not only running blogs either. You can run a company Intranet on WordPress (see video at the end of this post).

You might want to check with your hosting provider about this. You can probably ask them now. See if they allow you to run WordPress MU in your account. If they don’t, ask if they plan to allow it in the future.

Should you not be allowed to run MU, you might want to start looking around at new hosting providers. I use Bluehost. I’ve got some  WordPress MU installations running on them too. You can check them out here.

Have you updated your WordPress? How did the update go?