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Do you have a web site? If you do, where is your web site, in Google’s Search Result, when you search for it in Google? No, don’t do a search for your domain name. Do a search for it using your targeted keywords. Don’t have any targeted keywords? Perhaps, it’s time for you to think of a couple for your online business website.

If you run an online business or have a website for your business, here is an Online Business Tips for you. You’d certainly want your site to be listed in the first page of the Google Search Result for your targeted keyword. Being listed on the first page of a search result will bring more visitors to your website. Which, will result in more sales for your business from your web site.

Why the first page? When you do a search for a product on the net, how many pages of the search results do you go to in order to find whatever it is you were looking for? Do you actually go through all the pages in the Search Results or do you only look at the first page? I believe I’ve only gone to as far as the third page when looking for something on the net via any search engine. So, if your web site is not positioned in the first page of the search results, will people ever find you? If people can’t find you, how are you going to get any sale off your web site?

Search Engine Result Pages ImageLets take a look at a real life example. I’m currently working on a particular site. One of the targeted keyword for this site is Multi Function Printer Malaysia. As of this writing, the site is not even listed in the first 20 pages of the search results. Yes, I went all the way to page 20 of the search result. There are about 524,000 sites in the search result for the targeted keyword. 524,000 sites to compete with for the first page position. How long do you think it will take for a fairly new site to get into the first page?

Another keyword being targeted is Multi Function Copier Malaysia. Again, looking at the search results for the keyword, I found the site listed in page 14 of the search results. Not bad for a fairly new site. Perhaps, it’s because there are only about 23,500 sites listed in the results. Less competition. Still, it’s not listed in the first page, not good for an online business. Need to move up the ranks and get into the first page. This is perhaps an easier task since there are less competition.

Will I be able to move the site up in the Search Engine Results Pages? I really do think I can. Certainly not going to be a walk in the park type of task. Need to work on some of the contents in the site. Perhaps a restructure is needed? How about we revisit this topic in about a month from now. See where the site is after I work on it a bit. While at it, I will also be working on my Technology And Computing Tips site. What say you?