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Make People Buy From YouWhy do you buy the things you buy? Have you ever really thought of it? Well, I think many don’t even know why they buy stuff. Many would probably say.. “Because I need it”. Is that the truth?

I’m writing this while sitting at my flea market booth. It’s a weekly event held at a Petronas Gas Station cum Business Center. It is new. Just started this month. I just started opening this booth yesterday and will be here every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for the whole of January.

Anyway, I just came across this particular entry over at Home Business Talk titled “How To Make People Buy From You“. It just seem relevant to what I’m doing right now. That is, trying to make people buy what I’m selling.

According to the author, following are the triggers that make people buy:

  1. People buy because they want affection, amusement and fun, beauty, peace of mind. These are largely the intangibles in life.
  2. People buy because they want to acquired things, accomplish a goal, a dream. They also buy because they believe in something or in you. These are the physical needs of buying.
  3. People buy because they want to be accepted, appreciated, to look attractive to the opposite sex. They also buy because they want to be distinct, fashionable and accepted. These are the ego needs of buying.
  4. People buy because they want to avoid change, confusion, criticism; they buy to avoid danger, depravation, hunger, etc., the security needs of buying.

~Home Business Talk: How To Make People Buy From You~

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So, reading the above, I got to thinking. How can I use the four triggers above to my advantage?
How can I integrate them into my selling strategy at a flea market booth?

Granted, that particular article was actually written with online marketing in mind. However, I do believe that when it comes to marketing and getting people to buy from you, it’s the same for both online and offline. People are still people.

Now, I’m very new at this flea market thingy. Is there a special marketing strategy or tactics that can be used to make people buy from you at a flea market?

Share with me and every one in here..