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Many Malaysians are probably familiar with Ummiku Sayang. Malaysia’s first online Islamic Bookstore has just started their very own UmmikuSayang free affiliate program.

“Excellent! It’s about time!” That’s what I said the minute I read the invitation eMail from them. I’ve always wondered when they were going to start an affiliate program.

Immediately, I went off to the UmmikuSayang affiliate registration page and registered myself. The affiliate software in use is Post Affiliate Pro. Registration was a breeze. Just fill in your details and submit. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with your affiliate login password. Just remember to quickly login into the affiliate system and change your password to something you can remember.

Once you’ve registered, login into the affiliate backend and you can find your affiliate link in there. Your affiliate link will look something like this –<your affiliate id>.html

What do you get as an affiliate? You get paid 5% commission off the sales amount when someone buys anything from UmmikuSayang if they are refered to the UmmikuSayang Online Store from your affiliate link. You will be paid by check once your total affiliate commission reaches RM50. Thus, make sure your name and address is correct. Otherwise you will not be able to cash in your check.

How do you promote? There are many ways to promote your affiliate link. The simplest way is by putting your link in your eMail signature. This way, your affiliate link will be seen by all your eMail contacts as you communicate via eMail. Following is a sample you can use in your eMail:

bla bla bla (Your eMail content here)

Your Name Here

Excellent Islamic Readings for Your Children (This is where your affiliate link should be)

Some may think that 5% is not a whole lot of money. Well, yes sure. You only get a few dollars or maybe cents out of a single sale. The thing to note here is. You don’t really have to work hard to earn that few dollars and cents. All you have to do is post your affiliate link wherever you can. This, you do just once. When someone clicks on that link and buys anything (except best buy items) from the UmmikuSayang Online Islamic Bookstore, you get a commission. So, really, you get paid for doing very little work.

New to Affiliate Marketing? If you need more information about affiliate marketing, here are a couple of affiliate marketing resource from which you can learn about Affiliate Marketing:

What are you waiting for? Go register yourself as an UmmikuSayang affiliate. Grab both of the resources above. Start making some extra cash by referring your friends to UmmikuSayang Online Islamic Bookstore.

To Lily and her partner, congratulations. I believe this is another major turning point to your online business. I’m sure many will join as your affiliate. Insyallah, all will prosper together. Here’s a thought, though. It would be good if affiliates can refer directly to any one of the products. This way, we can create reviews of a particular book and link directly to it. I’m not sure if this is possible with Post Affiliate Pro and osCommerce as I have no experience in using both. If it’s possible, please do inform all us affiliates.