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Two more weeks to go. Yes, for those of you who are into last minute Christmas Shopping, you have about 16 days of shopping window left. If you are shopping online for bestsellers, you need to minus of another day or two for delivery.

Now is indeed one of the most hectic shopping period of the year. What does this mean for people like me and you who are interested to cash in on a piece of the action? Well, it’s time to market your product sites like crazy!

Of course, this is assuming that you have got your sites up and ready for promotion. If not, well, you could probably create a site in one day if you know how. But seriously, these 2 weeks that you have left, should really be spent entirely on marketing marketing marketing.

1. Initial Marketing

You really should have at least performed some initial marketing of your site when you created it. However, just in case you haven’t. All you really need to do for initial marketing is create an account at and the related sites provided in the service. Once registered, just promote your site on with something like, “Hi all, I’ve got a new site up. If you are looking for <Your Keyword Here> , please take a look at it.”

Off course, don’t forget to provide the link to your website.

2. Feed Submission

First, do you know what a website feed is? If you don’t click this to learn what it is. If your site is built on WordPress, you already have a feed link. It’s at

That’s the link you will use to promote your site on the following feed directories.

There are a lot of feed directories that you can send your feed to. However, just start with the above first. Be aware that you should only add your feed to about 3 – 4 directories per day. You don’t want to go overboard. It may look spammy and unnatural in the eyes of the search engines.

3. Podcast Submission

You are probably thinking, “But.. I don’t do podcasts”. Well, worry not, I’m not going to ask you to. All you need to do is register your site at Odiogo. They will automatically create podcasts of your entries. Cool? Instant podcasts!

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to promote your podcasts to podcasts directories.

Head on over to for a list of podcast directory you can use to promote your podcast feed.

Spend these two weeks to promote your sites using the above methods. Of course, don’t forget to join all the various forums in your niche. Just Google for “<Your Keyword Here> forum”. Join the forums and participate. Be active. Add value to the discussions. Help people solve their problems. Put your site in your Signature.

Do all the above religiously, you will find your site moving up the charts in search engines and traffic building up to your site.

Of course, you should also keep adding content to your site. Hopefully, you’ve got this automated or scheduled. This will allow you to focus solely on marketing.

Do you have any other quick online marketing tips? Please do share it here with everyone.

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