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Miami Hurricanes kicker in action against FAMUThe Miami Hurricanes Football Team secured another convincing win. Miami played host to Florida A&M in Land Shark Stadium, the Canes (4 – 1) pulled of an outstanding performance which resulted in a 48 – 16 scoreline.

The U is back? The scoreline certainly seemed to indicate it. The Miami first team played for only one half of the match. The Orange and Green men had developed a 31 – 3 lead at half time. With the game already out of reach for FAMU, Miami sent in their second line after the break.

This FAMU match can be considered as a breather for the Miami Hurricanes Football Team. After playing four straight games against highly ranked opponents, the team could certainly use a relaxing match to cool off. At least that’s what everyone thought the Hurricanes would do.

Instead of playing it loosely, the Miami first team totally rolled over Florida A&M. They ran and passed to their hearts content. Jacory Harris were intercepted twice in the first half. Still, they managed to get 31 points on the scoreboard.

The win puts Miami standings currently at 4 – 1. The Canes are now ranked at number 9 in the Associate Press Polls. Back into the Top Ten after dropping out with the loss to Virginia Tech.

Up next for Miami is Central Florida, next weekend. After going through very tough season opening games against Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma, the resurgent Miami has a less torrid schedule ahead of them. Even so, they will be going up against highly respectable teams like Clemson, Wake Forest, Virginia, North Carolina, Duke and South Florida.

Miami still has a chance at the National Championship title. All they need to do is win the ACC title for a shot at the National title. Really, no one besides the Hurricanes players themselves know if they are National Championship material. If the players think they want the National Champion title this year, it is there for them to take.

To many observers, This young team is still too young. Many are saying that Miami will present a more realistic National Champion challenge next year.

Do you think the Canes can do it this year? Go Canes!