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In 2013, the smartphone market will most likely see an increase in consumer purchase. More people will be using smartphones as their prices become more affordable for the masses.KodeeXII.Net Mobile Display

Yes, with the likes of Samsung, Nokia, HTC and many more producing lower cost smartphones, everyone can now be connected to the net at all time. Of course, cheaper and faster broadband helps too.

A research performed early last year discovered that about 63% of consumers are online on their mobile while watching the television. Now, here is a scenario that businesses must take into consideration in today’s world of broadband and smartphones:

  1. Consumer watches TV with smartphone in hand (or nearby).
  2. Consumer saw an interesting product/store/cafe/special offer in the tv show or heard a brand mentioned in the dialogue.
  3. Consumer grabs smartphone and search for the product/store/cafe/special offer
  4. Search Engine returns results

Here’s another common scenario:

  1. Consumer driving into a town, lets say Putrajaya
  2. Consumer feels like having ‘Nasi Ayam Penyet’ for lunch
  3. Consumer asks friends in Social Media for recommendations
  4. Consumer’s friends provide recommendations
  5. Consumer grabs smartphone, performs a local search for ‘Nasi Ayam Penyet’
  6. Search Engine returns results

In both scenario, when consumer gets the results, he or she will certainly pay a visit to the business’ website provided by the search engines and friends recommendations.

The question now is, will your website (if you are running a ‘Nasi Ayam Penyet’ business) appear in any of those recommendations and Search Engine Results? If you are, good for you.

Next question, then.. Is your website displaying content fit for the many mobile devices people are using? If you are, excellent! Sadly, many websites are still made solely for desktop displays. When viewed in a mobile, the contents become too small or require viewers to scroll left, right, top and bottom to read.

Have you taken a peek at how your website is displayed on a mobile?

To make your website ready for mobile display you will need to:

  1. Modify your website to use a Responsive Theme
  2. Create a Mobile Landing Page and Templates

So, for those of you who runs an online business website, if your site is not mobile friendly, do you have any plans to make it mobile friendly? If you do, you can get a sample Mobile Website by registering at: