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Planning Your Online Business SuccessHappy New Year to all! It is now 1-1-11. Nice set of numbers don’t you think? How was the fireworks last night? I’m not the fireworks type. Have no clue on how to appreciate them.

So, as usual, the very first thing that people asks about every new year – What’s your new year’s resolution? No, I don’t want you to answer that. Forget that I even mentioned about it.

What I want to ask you instead is this. What are your goals for this 2011? Have you set your goals yet? If so, have you got drawn up your plans to achieve your goals.

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So, since it is still very very early in the year, I would like to help you out in setting your goals. You can of course use them for your own personal goals and also to plan and set your business goals. Let’s make 2011 a better year for your Online Business.

Following are some goal setting resources you could use to set and achieve your business goals:

  • How To Start Setting Goals. Don’t treat goal settings like new year resolutions where you do it only once a year. You really should do it regularly. Surely you have short term goals don’t you?
  • The Goal Setting Tool Kit. We are told to always write down our goals. The problem with that is, we most of the time, we write them down on a piece of paper and that’s it. Where do you put that piece of paper?
  • Smart Goal Setting. There are ways to set your goals. Then there is the SMART way to set your goals. I assume you would want to do it the SMART way?
  • Reach Your Goals F.A.S.T. Of course, once you have set your goals, you’d want to achieve them right? Follow this methodology and you could achieve your goals fast.

Alright. I hope you find the above resources useful. I’m using them for my Online Business this year. Yes, I’m new at this too. So, lets learn and work on this together, shall we?

Do you have more goal setting resources you would like to share with others? 🙂