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There will certainly come a time when you find yourself staring at the computer screen with nothing in your mind. You have no clue what to blog about. All of a sudden, nothing seems to come out from that brain of yours. You then, continue to stare are the screen hoping that something will turn up.

I’ve had these moments plenty of time. Sometime, they lasts for days and weeks. I would turn on the computer, open up the editor and just stare at the blank white screen for hours. In the end, I would just fire up the browser and end up surfing the web instead of writing anything for my blog.

This is among the reason why you should have and use the Editorial Calendar plugin. Having such a calendar should prevent you from suffering days where you don’t know what to write about. Why? Simple. You already have the topics planned out in advance.

Anyway, just in case you don’t dig the Editorial Calendar method, here are a few tips you could use should you encounter these blank days:

1. External Source of Quality Content.

This is probably an easy way out. You can subscribe to services like Syndicate Kahuna. They provide quality blog content that is published into your blog automatically according to a specified schedule.

2. Take Photos and Blog About Them.

They say “A picture speaks a thousand words”. So, when you don’t have anything to write about, take a photo related to your blog topic. Put it up in your blog and write a few words (or more) about it. Create a photo journal of sorts as a side to your blog.

3. Utility Posts

Utility posts area gem. They are actually posts that refer your readers to other relevant articles in your niche made on other sites. They are quick to create. Just Google your keywords and take a quick read of the top 5 or ten articles in the result page. Write a brief intro and provide your readers with links to the articles you’ve selected. Of course, you could also use tools like the Utility Poster if you like.

The above 3 are probably the easiest ways to solve your writers block problem when you face it. However, if you don’t like them, following are a few more ideas you could use. I hope you enjoy them.

Sitepoint: 7 Places To Find Blog Topic Ideas.
This Sitepoint article provide 7 places where you can source out some ideas to write about. You can also use this list to research for a topic.

Joel Comm: How To Decide What To Write About.
Here, Joel (a pro blogger) tells us the methods he used to select a topic to write on. If it works for him, it may as well work for you too. Give it a read and try it out yourself.

Outspoken Media: Terror In the Blogosphere: I Haz No Blog Topic!
Outspoken Media is the creator of Editorial Calendar. This article by Lisa Barone provides you with a few more places where you can find a topic to write about.

I am pretty sure, if you utilize all the tips provided in here, you will probably never have to worry about no blogging idea days. It’s almost the end of 2010 already. Let’s end 2010 with a bang and write write write!

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