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Initial BCS Standings - Miami #10The Miami Hurricanes Football Team visited Central Florida during the weekend. They came back with another inspiring win. The 27 – 7 win also puts them back in the Top Ten of the BCS. The initial BCS standings have Miami at number 10.

The Canes are now 5 -1. The last time they achieved such a feat was in 2005. Miami is also now back in contention for the ACC title as Virginia Tech fell in the hands of Georgia Tech. Miami, Georgia Tech and V. Tech are now 2 – 1 in the ACC. As long as Miami wins all their upcoming conference matches, they have the ACC title within reach. The Hurricanes will be facing 5 ACC opponents in their upcoming matches, starting with Clemson (3 – 3, 2 – 2).

The Miami Defense showed true grit once again. In the third quarter, at the UM 2, the banged up Miami D held strong to prevent UCF from scoring. In the third play of the drive,

Safety Jared Campbell blitz through the left side of UCF’s line and hit Hodges throwing arm as he let the ball go. Linebacker Colin McCarthy intercepted the floater in stride and returned it to the UM 19.

Banged-up Miami Hurricanes’ defense shines in win

Nobody would have even dreamed that Miami would be where they are at the beginning of the season. Coming from a 7 – 6 season, to be looking at a possible ACC championship title. As a matter of fact, they may even be looking at the BCS Championship game.

A long shot it may be, but if things fall the right way for them, the long shot might just materialize. The 2009 college football season have so far been a bit topsy turvy. We’ve seen top ranked teams go down surprisingly to lower ranked opponents. As such, with half the season still to go, the Miami Hurricanes can certainly dream for the BCS Championship berth.

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Coach Shannon has a lot of work to do if he wants to see this Miami team challenge for the BCS. Once again, Miami has had to rely on their Defense to turn the match momentum for them. The Miami special team needs to get their act together. They have been very loose through out the season. Against UCF, the special team put the Defense in a very tight spot at the UM 2, when they botched up a snap over the head of punter, Matt Bosher.

Miami offensive line needs to provide better protection for their QB Jacory Harris. Against UCF, he was sacked for 6 times. He was rushed through out the match. It was simply amazing that he managed to avoid from throwing any interception. Some would probably say that Jacory Harris opted to take the sacks rather than throw interceptions.

Miami now have control over their destiny. They have to win all their remaining matches. If they can do that, the ACC title will be within their grasps. A BCS Championship would certainly be a dream come true for the team. As every one knows, dreams do come true..

Lets all supporters of the Miami Hurricanes put on some Miami Hurricanes Gear and bring the noise down to Miami’s home turf this coming weekend.

Go Canes!