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Derek Gehl have been the sole public face of HeĀ  has been the owner of Internet Marketing Center (IMC), after Corey Rudl left in a tragedy. I’ve never met him personally. I wanted to when he came down for his three days workshop last year. Was not able to.

Recently, Derek announced in his mailing list about his retirement from IMC. Yes, Derek is leaving. The company will still be running. Derek is leaving the company to his IMC team.

Following is a video I took from the IMC Newsflash where Derek shows off the staff and strengh of the Internet Marketing Center at the moment:

[media id=6 width=320 height=240]

As a parting gift, Derek Gehl is launching the new Insider Secrets Program. The Insider Secrets to Starting and Marketing an Internet Business used to be a physical program which was delivered to your home. The year 2009 marks the year when the amazingly famous Insider Secrets Program becomes an online program.

Now, you don’t have to wait for the program to arrive at your doorstep to start learning. You can now start learning to become a successful internet entrepreneur directly upon purchasing the program. Your username and password to the new system will be provided when you complete the purchase.

The Insider Secrets Banner

I’ve been a subscriber to IMC’s newsletter even way before I started my online business journey. I have to say that he probably opened my eyes to the potential of an internet business. Though I paid very little attention to his newsletter during the early days.

Will the Internet Marketing Center be the same after his departure? Probably not entirely. They will surely change a little bit here and there. The new leaders will certainly want to inject some of their personality into the company. That should be fine. As long as everything else – products and services remain as top notch as they are at the moment.

Are you still trying to figure out how to start an internet business?

Are you suffering from a lonely internet business? Are you marketing your internet business the right way to get laser targetted traffic?

The answer to the above questions will be answered when you start learning from the best Internet Marketing Program ever. Learn from the best there is at the moment.

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