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SME Corp Partners With eBay

SME Corp Partners With eBay

SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) has just signed up a partnership deal with eBay to give Malaysian small and medium businesses a boost in the global market. An alliance that looks to benefit many local small businesses. SMEs will be getting training from certified eBay Education Specialists.

Should SMEs now jump at the opportunity? Why not? I bet many are eagerly waiting to find out how to jump in.

However, I would like to put a caution to them. Don’t crash in blindly. I’m very sure training sessions will be provided. Get on the training program. Have an open mind. Take actions.

The best way to start is by becoming a buyer first. Buy? But we’re in here to sell, not buy! If that’s how you want to do it, go ahead.

The reason to go in as a buyer first is to study the system and environment from the view of a buyer. Your actions, feelings and experience as a buyer is exactly what your future customer will go through. When you understand your customers, you will be able to provide them with better service.

Besides, going in as a buyer, you get to study and analyze the auction system. Go ahead, bid and buy some items. Build a good reputation at the same time. Learn where to go to find hottest items. What other buyers are looking for. These, especially, will come in handy for you as a seller – knowing what buyers want.

Once you’ve got the hang of things as a buyer, time to move on and put on your seller hat.

eBay provides free online lessons for sellers. Read them. There are also many third party eBay Insiders Secrets type of materials. Take them. As you learn, act on the knowledge you’ve gained. Don’t wait until you complete the lessons before starting. Many just wait and wait and wait.

The best way to learn is by doing. So, as you learn from your readings, go start an auction of your own. Go and auction out something you no longer need – a pair of jeans, shoes, tennis rackets, golf clubs, whatever.

The idea here is to learn the ropes of being a seller. What are the steps required to put an item up for auction. How do the bids go from a sellers point of view. How to deal with different types of customers.

Don’t worry about profit or losses. The objective here is to learn how to work the system. Besides, you are selling off items you don’t really need anymore. So it’s basically all profit.

Enjoy the feeling of making your first sale on eBay. Treasure and live the moment for a bit. Move on to your next auction item. Keep doing this until you truly get the hang of how it all works. Take note of all the mistakes and successes you’ve experienced.

Gradually start selling items related to your SME business. Doing so will allow you to maintain your rapport with existing customers while you start building new ones. A good reputation really counts in the online world.

eBay Entrepreneur Training Videos

eBay Entrepreneur Training Videos

The most important thing to do while learning the ropes is to have fun. Don’t worry, it will take a while before you really become a successful eBay Entrepreneur. Success is not built overnight.

The best way to start a successful eBay business is by modelling other successful eBay Entrepreneur. There is an eBay Entrepreneur Training Video package that will help you accelerate your learning process. An eBay Entrepreneur of the Year winner has created a set of training videos that shows you how he does his business on eBay. The video provides you with a step by step tutorial on eBay.

Go check out eBay Entrepreneur Training Videos now!