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I’ve recorded my first sale on the internet. It comes from my Amazon Associates account. I’ve actually had that account for some years now. Never gotten into marketing it. It’s been lying dormant all these years, doing nothing. Now, after the recent Internet Marketing Boocamp, I’ve become more enlightened to what Internet Marketing is all about. Not only that. I’ve actually made some money our of internet marketing.

My First Amazon Sale

Above is my first sale in Amazon (two sales, actually). It’s not much, I know. It’s just the beginning. Insyallah, if I work harder and persevere, I’m pretty sure more will come. The best thing about this is, it’s all online and virtual.

No stocks, No physical shops, No rentals, No staff, No direct customer dealings. Basically, I just guide people on the net towards products on Amazon. These people are actually searching for the products on Google anyway. I just tell them where the link to their product is. That’s all. Amazon then pays me if that person buys the product from them.

Easy? No, it’s not. It just not hard. It’s doable… Are you interested to learn more? Join me and lets all earn as we learn about Internet Marketing.