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There are just so many ways to monetize your blog as an affiliate marketer. Among the famous affiliate programs are Clickbank, Paydotcom, Amazon and DigitalResults. They all have their scripts and plugins to make it easy for affiliates like you to integrate their offerings into your blog. Malaysian’s have our very own affiliate marketing marketplace. It’s called Jomniaga.

Jomniaga recently launched their very own WordPress plugin. This plugin allows JomNiaga’s affiliates to automatically promote jomniaga products on their blogs. All they need to do is download, install, activate and configure the WordPress plugin and it will perform its magic automatically.

Take a look at the following video on the plugin:

I’ve just installed the plugin into this blog. The following is how the configuration screen looks upon installation.

JomNiaga Plugin Settings

All you have to do is fill in your JomNiaga username, desired tracking code, select a category and click on “Display Related Sites” option. Do that and you are all set. All your posts will now have your affiliate links to products in JomNiaga. All you need to do is create your blog posts as usual and not worry about creating the links manually.

Following is one of my blog post before I installed and configured the plugin:
Before configuring JN WP Plugin

Now take a look at the same post section after I’ve configured JomNiaga’s plugin with my affiliate details:
After configuring JN WP Plugin

The plugin has automagically created a link with my affiliate id on the “eMail Marketing” text. I didn’t have to edit the article manually. 

If you are worried about having too many automatic outbound links for SEO purpose, then be rest assured that the links are all tagged as nofollows.

No follow links

The “Related Sites” feature adds additional links to JomNiaga’s product websites relevant to the category you chose in the configuration.

JN plugin Related Sites

There seems to be a bug in the plugin at the moment. The bug is this:

JN Plugin Bug

It seems that the plugin is inserting anchor tags into my img tags. The plugin developers will have to add in a filter so that the plugin does not try to modify any important html tags or it will create havoc in the web document.

Following is the source code that’s created by the plugin which is causing the problem above:

JN Plugin Bug Source Text

I hope the above is enough to assist JomNiaga’s Dev Team to quickly run a fix for this bug.

All in all, I think this plugin is worth installing as it gives you an additional source of income for your blog.

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