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In Day 1 of the Global Internet Summit 2008, we had two Marks presenting – Mark Vurnum and Mark Joyner. Both of them were excellent. In Day 2, three more Internet Marketing experts presented us with their knowledge. We had Janet Switzer, Stephen Pierce and Adam Ginsberg.

The Woman Behind Quite a Number of Successful Men

The second day started with Janet Switzer. Prior to Global Internet Summit 2008 KL, I’ve never even heard of her. Apparently, she’s like the person behind a whole lot of the most successful people in the world today.

Janet SwitzerJanet specifically mentioned that in order to be really successful, you should go beyond creating eBooks. One must actually focus on building a business empire. The eBook should only be used to gather leads and build up your list. Her pitch for the day – “How Experts Build An Empire“.

She provided a multitude of products, programs and services which can be expanded from the mere eBook which many marketers are focusing on. All 52 of those products, programs and services, which she calls profit centers, should be properly designed and inserted into the sales funnel. According to her, an eBook is just the ice breaker to get more traffic who will buy what ever it is in your sales funnel.

Janet gave out her step by step strategy, which she used with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), of using teleconference calls as a marketing tool. Pretty handy sample for those who wants to run teleconference calls. Following is what she included in the sample:

  1. The invitation postcard she sent out to prospects.
  2. An FAQ about conference call programs
  3. A sample conference call moderator script
  4. A sample memo to the guest speakers
  5. A sample outline of a teleconference

I have to admit, it’s one hell of a great sample. Now I know what is involved in running a teleconference call. Perhaps I might just run one in the near future? Thank you Janet, for this excellent piece of information.  She also wrote Instant Income which is also another on of her best sellers.

If you can’t make it with Steve, then it ain’t meant to be

Among the main reason I decided to attend Global Internet Summit 2008 was Stephen Pierce. Who is Stephen Pierce? Following is his bio as provided by the organizers.

The business optimization strategists. For many, Stephen Pierce’s name is synonymous with “success.” Recognized as one of the world’s leading Internet marketers and Business Optimization Strategists, Pierce wears several hats when it comes to his businesses. Not only is he the CEO of Stephen Pierce International, Inc, and the mastermind behind DTAlpha, he is a coach, facilitator, and a Certified Accelerated Innovation Trainer. He is also considered one of today’s top authorities on creating rapid wealth using the Internet. Says Pierce, “Creating wealth is not just in what you do… it’s in how you do it.”

..Excerpt from the pages of Global Internet Summit – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 2008

Stephen PierceI actually got to know Stephen Pierce from the many videos lying around YouTube, Metacafe, etc. The videos are so inspirational that I’ve downloaded a few of them. Never have I imagined that I will get the chance to meet up with him in person and listen to him live on stage.

He started his session by introducing us to his money call – “Hooo Tee Hooo”. Following are some of the main points I managed to grasp from his highly inspirational presentation.

  1. We are here, in our current situation, due to the choices and decisions we made.
  2. Do not wallow on the past, nor try to predict the future. Both, the past and the future are not within our control. We are in control of the present. Thus, we must concentrate on NOW to influence the future.
  3. 3 words underperformers use in their daily life
    • Is it going to be easy?
    • Is it going to be convenient?
    • Is it going to be affordable?
  4. The path to success is not comfortable. In order to achieve success, we must consistently choose and commit ourselves to be extraordinary and not be comfortable.

After presenting us with his brainwashing session. Stephen goes on to introduce us with the criteria of a successful business.

  1. Rabid market of buyers
  2. Sizzling hot selling product
  3. Generate the right traffic
  4. Websites that converts
  5. Persuasive follow ups

The above then led to the sales pitch for his Make Real Money On The Internet (MRMI) program. His coaching program goes for RM4448 at the event. Was it a bargain? Bargain or not, so effective was his sales pitch, people ran out to get his program even before he completed his presentation. Maybe I should head on over to his site to get the MRMI book. Oh heck.. I might as well head on over there and get it while writing this. Ok, hold on for a bit while I go grab that book… there goes my focus..

Ok. I’m back from the MRMI site. Just discovered that the book only comes in printed form. Have to pay for the shipping – USD14.90. Perhaps I’ll try to find it at the local bookstore. Will it be available at the Popular in Amcorp Mall? That’s where I’ll be the entire day tomorrow. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow then.

S B I A X L N E A T T N E R A S – Take Away Six Letters, What Do You Get?

After the inspiring Stephen Pierce, the third speaker on day 2 was Adam Ginsberg. Most internet marketers would probably know him as the eBay guy. At least that how I know him. He did a number of eBay programs in Malaysia. In fact, I think he just did one in Malaysia a few months back.

Adam GinsbergProfit on eBay was not his topic, though, this time around. He focused on how to actually make money on the internet without any product of your own by utilizing products and services from eBay, Amazon, ClickBank and Adsense. Following are the steps according to Adam Ginsberg:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Gather Keywords
  3. Get a domain name
  4. Hosting
  5. Link domain to hosting
  6. Setup Affiliate accounts and links
  7. Build your store
  8. Market your store

Adam Ginsberg showcased a new money making store software solution – Instant Store Builder (ISB). I have to admit, ISB is a truly amazing piece of software. What does it do? Well, here’s how it works. It’s a web application. You head on over to the Store Builder site and login. In there you get to create a website that looks like an eCommerce store. Just enter details about the store you want to build like – store name, product keyword, Amazon Associate ID, ClickBank ID, Adsense ID, and eBay Id. Select a store theme and template. Once you’ve completed filling up the store creation form, you then click on a Create Store button, and your store is created for you instantly. No programming. No designing.

Once the files for your store has been created, you can then upload the files directly into your domain from within the user interface itself. You don’t even have to use any FTP software. All is done from the ISB web front.

Your completed store will contain and display products from the four resources mentioned earlier – eBay, Amazon, ClickBank and Adsense. That’s four income streams. Passive income streams for you. You don’t need your own products to make money on the internet with this system.

The store you created, doesn’t only contain products from eBay, Amazon and ClickBank. The store also contains discussions related to the keyword you’ve selected. I don’t really know where they grabbed the discussions from. A Yahoo Groups discussion perhaps? Why the need for the discussions? My guess, the discussions serves as the content which search engines will index. If the site displays only products, then search engine probably not like it too much. Search engines loves indexing contents. An ecommerce store doesn’t really have a lot of content text.

The best thing about the system, you can basically churn out as many store as you want and make some money from it. Imagine this. Say you create just one single store a day using the software. After one year, you’d have like 365 stores. If each store were to make only USD1.00 per day, your potential income in a year would be USD1.00 x 365stores x 365days = USD133,225.00 per year from all the stores. Not bad, for a 15 minute a day job. That’s like how long it would take you to create a store with the system.

Another piece of software was also showcased. The CraigsList Optimizer. This piece of software actually complements the ISB. What it does? Basically, the software sends links to users in Craigslist who posted a request for items to buy.

Anyway, can any of you guess how much the two systems were offered to us at the GIS? The two systems were priced at RM13,997. A bargain? Well, if you were to look at the potential income it could generate for you, it’s surely is a bargain. I know quite a number of people signed up for it too. I don’t have RM14K to spend right now. I wonder if I’d signed up if I do have that amount to spend, though. Would you?