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World Internet Academy LeadPicEver heard of the term Internet Marketing (IM – Not Instant Messaging eh..)? Well, I’ve been spending the last three months or so researching about it on the net. It’s practically a very active, positive and lively community. For the past three months, I’ve spent a large portion of my free time in joining various IM sites and reading up on the information they provide via subscription email, or as they call it in IM lingo, AutoResponder. As a result of all that reading, my interest in the subject grew. As such, today, I just completed a three day IM course. Yes, I just came back from theĀ  Internet Marketing Bootcamp with Fabian Lim.

It was among the most highly informative three days I have ever had. Imagine, the bootcamp basically covered almost everything that I’ve read about throughout the last three months. I’d say this, if I had not spent the past three months prepping myself with bits and pieces gathered from the net, I’d probably be suffering from IM information shock or something, if such a thing exists.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp PhotosThe bootcamp tries to cover, and almost did manage to cover in detail, everything there is to know about IM . Here are the topics covered:

  • Starting up -Setting up and creating accounts in required services (Paypal, Amazon, Adsense, Adwords, Hosting, AutoResponder, Blogger, etc)
  • Basic Overview – Profit Models, Lead-To-Sales Cycle, Strategies for Newbies, Web Marketing Principles, etc
  • Market Research – Niche Identification, Keyword Research, Product Research, Competition Research.
  • Website Creation – Domains, Hostings, Web Design, Templates, eCommerce, Online Payment.
  • Traffic Generation – Search Engine Marketing, Pa-Per-Click Marketing, Adwords, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Blogging, Article Marketing, etc.
  • Website Conversion – Sales Copy, Conversion Elements
  • Affiliates and Joint Ventures – Commision Types, Affiliates Research.
  • Automation & Tracking -ABCs of Automation, E-Mail Followups, List Building, Lead Capture, AutoResponder.

During the bootcamp, Fabian announced to participants about the pre-launch of a world class resource for information, guidance, and community in Internet Marketing. This new world class service is called the World Internet Academy (WIA).

I will cover the bootcamp andĀ  WIA further in my upcoming business posts. For now, I’ve uploaded two Amazon products landing pages for testing. One is the Samsung HLT6187SAX landing page we created during bootcamp. The other is a BOSE LifeStyle 48 Series III. Lets see how these two fares in a week. Right now, I’m hitting WIA to satisfy my craving for further information about IM before I hit the sack.

To all participants, it’s been an informative three days. Let’s work together to achieve our goals. Photos which were taken during the three days are available in my PicasaWeb Album.