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Are you running an online business? How is the traffic to your website like? Are you getting tonnes of traffic? Very little traffic? Did you know that increasing traffic to your website is really not too hard? Seriously.

You don’t really need to spend a lot to bring traffic to your site. As a matter of fact, you don’t really need to spend a single sen.

Allow me to brief you up on a number of methods which you can use to bring more visitors to your online business website. The best thing about these methods, they are free. Not going to cost you anything.

You should only start spending for traffic once you’ve implemented these methods first.

Quick Tips to Increase Web Traffic:

1. Visitors from eMail Signatures
This is so simple. Everyone can do this. Just put a link to your online business website in your outgoing emails.

2. Visitors from Blog Comments
Do you read blogs relevant to your business? If you don’t, better start. Leave comments on these blogs and link back to your business website. Make useful comments.

3. Visitors from Other Websites
Contact owners of relevant websites and ask them to link back to yours in exchange for a link back from your website to theirs. This will need some convincing. Build a good rapport with them first.

The above quick tips should start you off with a respectable number of website visitors. They are very easy to implement and will not cost you a single sen at all.  I’d recommend that you start with the above three tips first before engaging in other more Advanced Traffic Generation Methods.

Web Site Traffic Generation at Internet Marketing Expose offers a more in depth exposure about the above tips.