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SSM Logo LeadPicDec 28th, 2007. The date that brought forth a new enterprise into the world. Roughly, just before 5:00PM that fateful Friday, Maaxii Enterprise was born.

It was my first attempt at business registration. Didn’t know what to expect. Had no idea at all what it takes to register a business on your own. I did go through a number of third party online regisration companies. However, their rates were simply too expensive. Some even had it at RM300. It’s not the price that drove me away from them, (well, yes, perhaps a little bit laa. SSM charges only RM60). However, the main reason I didn’t go with these online registration companies was because I wanted to personally experience the effort required to register a business.

How to register a business? So, here I am about to share with you my personal experience in business registration. Go get yourselves a cup of coffee. This will take a while.

The process of registering a business/company actually starts even before you take your first step to the Registrar of Business (Registrar). Before you make your move, you should first prepare at least three names. Like it or not, you must have three names, otherwise you will not be able to get a number for the name checking stage.

Business name, are there rules about names? Yes. The name must have at least two words. So a name like “ABC” will not do. Neither is “ABC DEF” although it’s got two words. At least one of them must be a proper word I guess. Is there a guideline which explains in detail about business names? Hmmm.. will try to find one and update in here.

Ok, I had three names in my list. My first list goes like this:

  1. Maaxii
  2. Maxii
  3. i.Maxii

The list was rejected – needs to be made up of at least two words. I couldn’t get a number. Had to go out of the que and get a new set of names. So, after a brief moment with my thinking cap, I came out with this list:

  1. Maa XII
  2. Ma XII
  3. i Maxii

Again it was rejected – The names have no meaning.. or something like that. She then suggested that I just end it with the word “Enterprise”. So, after another brief thinking cap moment, I came up with this list:

  1. Maaxii Enterprize
  2. Maxii Enterprize
  3. i.Maxii Enterprize

I figured, it’s the third time I que up just to get a number to just do a name check. Nearly one hour has past since I got there. Let’s just go with whatever they say la. This time around, after exchanging smiles with Miss Name Validator, I managed to finally get me a number. So off I went to wait for the result of the name check. Time lapsed – 40 minutes.

I was number 1308 (about there laa). They were serving 1294 (so .. so laa). There’s only one counter serving name checks counter 11 (or was it 12? Hmmmm). Anyway, since there are about 15 odd people to go before my number, we decided (yes, I was not alone, all four of us were there) to check out the shops outside. Oh, did I mention that the Registrar is located at level 2, the Mall Shopping Complex.

Howto - Register a Business Part 1 Dina RunningOut we went to do some window shopping. Luqman needed a diaper change anyway. So, Luqman went off with Mama to get his diaper changed. Dina went with me to run around the hallways. We spent like 20 minutes running all over the Mall, Dina and I. It was fun.. a bit tiring, but fun. Hahaha…

When we got back to the counters, after 30 minutes of hallway running and some brief window shopping, they were serving 1305. Cool, just nice. So, roughly 5 minutes later, my number was called. My name check was successful. I can use the name MaaXII Enterprise. Awwww mannnnnn.. They changed the ‘z’ to ‘s’. Oh well, I don’t want to wait for another name check, so I just accepted it. So, that’s it. Name check stage completed. Total Time Spent – 1 hour 15 minutes.

Next up, the actual registration stage… soon.. very soon.