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I am attending the Global Internet Summit 2008 Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. The event is held for three days in Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. A number of internet marketing experts are in town to present us their wisdom and knowledge in the online business arena.

Among the great internet marketing minds coming over to present in this year’s Global Internet Summit are Mark Joyner, Stephen Pierce, Adam Ginsberg, Christopher Guerriero, Janet Switzer, J.T Foxx and Mark Vurnum. The first three, I’ve heard of them before. The others, they are new to me.

The presenters for the first day was Mark Vurnum of Lead Generation Videos and Mark Joyner of Simpleology and Integration Marketing.

Mark VurnumMark Vurnum presented on the topic of Lead Generation or probably better known as list building. Now, I am not unfamiliar with the benefits of list building. Many Internet Marketing Books and Resources have highlighted the importance of having a list. However, Mark Vurnum makes money with lists in a slightly different way.

We are probably used to the idea that we use our lists to send autoresponder emails and newsletters to get traffic from the list to our websites. That’s probably how many marketers use their list. That’s how I use mine too.

Mark Vurnum, however, monetize his lists directly. He even gets to monetize it over and over again. What does he do with his lists? He sells it to companies who are in need of leads to market their products.

How much is he getting from the list? How about USD30 per lead? How many lists do you have? How many leads are there in those lists? How many companies do you think would be interested in those leads you have lying around in your list database?

The second presenter was Mark Joyner. Many of you would’ve heard about him from his many books and programs. One of his program is called Simpleology.

Mark JoynerI like Mark Joyner’s presentation for he not only covered the business and internet marketing aspects of online business. He also covers the mindset change required to be successful.

He started off with mindset programming. What is a problem. How to make problems look small. How to identify the cause of a problem and ultimately find a solution to the problem.

A lot of what Mark Joyner presented, I can relate what T. Harv Eker spoke about in the Millionaire Mindset Intensive. Mark mentioned specifically “You first product will suck!” To me this is directly in line with T. Harv’s saying “Every master was once a disaster”. We should not wait and procrastinate until we know everything and try to start our business perfectly. We ought to just start with whatever knowledge we have and build the business as we go.

The best part of Mark Joyner’s presentation was his Q&A session. I managed to record a few brief moments of the Q&A section with Mark Joyner. Will post them up as soon as I manage to process them audio files into internet worthy formats.

I was more than satisfied with the value of the materials presented by both Marks in the first day of GIS. I managed to learn a number of new ideas and concepts. Besides that, it was also sort of like a refresher for me on the stuff presented by T.Harv Eker during MMI.

As with any Internet Marketing related seminars, there’s always the sales pitch at the end of each presentations. Special for GIS2008KL, Mark Vurnum is offering his 30 Day Lead Generation Power Profits for MYR2447. Mark vurnum’s Lead Generation Masterclass is going for USD997 on the internet. I’m not sure whether the two are actually the same in content and delivery. If they are, then the GIS2008KL prizing surely is a bargain.

Mark Joyner presented his “Brand New to Best Seller” Home Study Program for MYR3500. I could not find this program on the net either. As such, I have no basis of price comparisons. I also discovered that I actually am already a member in Mark Joyner’s IntegrationMarketing website. Wow, when did I registered? Have I downloaded his free eBook already? Guess I’ve got to go and search for it in my IM folder a bit.

As with all the events I’ve attended, I’ve got the photos taken during the event uploaded into my PicasaWeb Album. This time my photos are really not too high in quality though. They were taken with my Sony Ericsson phone. My trusted Olympus is currently out of order. It’s lens cover is somewhat stuck.

Were you there at the Global Internet Summit 2008 KL? Have you uploaded your photos somewhere? Give me a buzz if you’ve uploaded your photos. I would certainly like to check it out.