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Save On GasAmong the tenets of having a millionaire mind is to get the best value on your spending. In today’s economy, everyone needs to save a little bit of money where they can. One of the most sought after savingsĀ is from gas or petrol. Many have probably received emails about ways to save on gas. The question is, are they all just Gas Saving Myths?

  • Regular gas ruins your car
  • Use only unleaded fuel
  • Fill up when it’s cold
  • Optimum speed is 55mph
  • Manual transmission is more efficient than automatic

The above are among the few so called facts we read or hear about regularly. Are they true or just myths?

I just came across this particular video from CBS Money Watch. It’s a brief talk about the many gas saving myths traveling around the net.

Now, I’m no gas expert. If you are one, what say you about the facts pointed out in the video?

Gas shopping doesn’t work in Malaysia and perhaps many parts of the world. Here gas price is fixed. It’s the same price everywhere.

No, you are not going to be a millionaire just by saving on your gas expenses. However, you can use the savings on other projects that bring you more income. Now, that’s the millionaire mindset.

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