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ClickBank Opens Up To MalaysiansHere is a piece of news which should excite a large number of Internet Marketers in Malaysia – Clickbank is now allowing signups from Malaysia. Yes, if you are a marketer, then Clickbanks’ decision to open up their signups to Malaysians should be greeted with joy.

Malaysian marketers have been signing up via Singapore addresses, prior to this. They’ve long had to pay for a Singapore virtual address, just to signup into Clickbank.

Why is Clickbank so important? Well, Clickbank is like the online place for Internet Marketers. They’re probably the place where almost all internet marketing products are sold from. They are probably the biggest digital retailer in the Internet Marketing scene.

So, if you are a Malaysian and into the Internet Marketing scene. Head on over to Clickbank and signup right now.

My thank you goes out to Sukeri for this great information.