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How long have I been using this theme? Lets see now, looking back through my posts, I figured I got on to the current Mimbo theme on December 12th 2007. One year plus since I last changed the theme for this blog.  Though I did change it a little bit from the original Mimbo.

After a year plus on the Mimbo theme, I am now feeling the itch for a little change. Yes, I’m thinking about some changes on this blog of mine. What kind of changes?

Well, a new theme for a start. I’ve been downloading and playing around with a few themes in my local WordPress installation. Yes, I’ve downloaded quite a number of templates over the years. Just haven’t been using them.

I’m also thinking about restructuring the contents or rather, the categories in this blog. However, that would  result in a lot of 404 pages. Will have to think about this a little bit more if I really do want to continue to restructure my categories. Perhaps need to learn a bit more on how to use the redirection plugin.

Why restructure? At the moment, I’ve got about 7 categories running in this blog.

  1. Current Events Computer Technology
  2. Sports News And Updates
  3. Online Business Optimization
  4. Alumni News
  5. Family Friends and Outing Tips
  6. Millionaire Mind
  7. Words on Islam

A number of those, have somewhat been neglected. As such, I figured, perhaps I could consolidate those neglected categories together. Will have to see how relevant they are to each other first, though. Will also have to perform a keyword research first.

The things we do to satisfy them Search Engines. Oh well..

Right now, I’m looking at these one particular wordpress theme called Flexibility 2. I have to admit, it does look interesting and enticing for me. I’ve already uploaded it into this blog.  At the moment, tinkering with the configuration of it in the admin module.

Thanks to the Theme Tester plugin, you don’t get to see it until I’m fully satisfied with how it looks. At the moment, with Theme Tester switched on, I get to use see Flexibility2 only when I’m logged in as administrator. Cool. I like it.

Flexibility2 on KodeeXII.Net

Flexibility2 on KodeeXII.Net

Here’s how Flexibility 2 looks like right now. I have yet to touch any codings to customize it even further to my liking.  I’m just tweaking it via its’ admin panel. Pretty nifty theme I must say. A lot of the settings can be modified just from the admin panel.  You don’t need to touch any html, php, nor css to change a lot of stuff.

I’ll be playing a little bit more with the Flexibility 2 theme before deciding on anything. Who knows, I might come across another interesting theme to play with in this few weeks. Watch out for the next posting on my adventure in changing this wordpress theme of mine.

Do you have any theme which you think I might be interested in? Why not put in your recommendations? I’ll give it a look see.

Are you a theme developer? Send me a link where I can download it and play with it a bit. I’ll write a few words about it in here.