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Websites, Blogs and SMS services. Today, you can find millions or thousands of them in Internet. In the past, websites are used by major corporations. Blogs are mostly used by individuals. SMS are used by teens. Today, all three services are used by businesses, no matter big or small, for marketing and branding. They are the best small business marketing tools.

Website Blog SMS - The Best Small Business Marketing Tools

Why are websites, blogs and sms so important for small business? Can’t they make it in business without these services?

Well, yes, sure they can survive even if they don’t use the services. However, that’s just how they are going to be doing – Just surviving.

So, if anyone were to ask me today – “Should a small business in Malaysia have a website, blog and SMS service?”

My immediate answer would be – “Yes, they should! Without a doubt.”

Every single business in Malaysia today should at the very least have a website and a blog.

In the early days of the Internet, a website would probably cost you an arm and a leg. That is no longer the case today.  New technology and competitions today have brought the cost of creating a website very low. As a matter of fact, you can, if willing to learn a little, build them on your own at no cost besides domain and webhosting.

Why websites, blogs and SMS are the Best Small Business Marketing Tools?

For one, the Internet is still pretty much a level playing field for all. No matter how big you are in the real world, over on the Internet, every business have a fair chance in marketing their business. You don’t need big budgets to market on the Internet.

With a little bit of knowledge and persistence, your website and blog can be seen by millions on the Internet.

Yes, having a website and blog alone will not bring your business success on the Internet. You first need a presentable website and blog. If your website and blog looks scrappy and spammy, you will lose business. This I am very certain.

No, you don’t need a flashy website that costs thousands. All you need is a clean and respectable looking site. That’s all. Easy and clear navigation for your visitors to learn more about your company and your business.

In the past, a blog is used by individuals to jot down whatever they feel like sharing with the world. Today, blogs are used by businesses as a marketing and communicating tool. Companies blog about their products and services so that potential customers know what they have on offer.

Blogs are also used to interact with existing and potential customers. They use blogs to conduct surveys and get feedbacks about their products and services.

If I may ask, what is the best method of communication with your business prospects and customers today? Yes, certainly. The best form of communication today is probably SMS. I’m very sure the majority of you out there would agree with me on this.

Why so? Simple. Almost every one I know today has a handphone that they keep with them at all times. “Never leave home without it” – this tag line is now most suitable to describe a person’s relationship with their handphone. Some have more than one and they carry them at all times.

As such, SMS is the best form of marketing today. Direct and immediate communication with your prospects and customers.

So, if you are a small business owner and still thinking about creating a website and blog up for the business. Enough with the thinking. It is time to take action and use the best small business marketing tools in your business. Sign up for a website, blog and sms service for your business today.