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I listen to T. Harv Eker’s Teleshow CD quite a lot these days. I particularly like the one with Alex Mandossian. In this particular teleshow, Harv asked Alex how he managed to transform his mindset to become a millionaire. Alex’s answer was simple – Find a Mentor. So, if you want to become a millionaire, find a millionaire mentor or Mentor Jutawan in Bahasa Malaysia.

Is a mentor really neccessary?

In this internet age, there is no doubt that you can easily find information. Most, if not all, of the information you need are now available at the touch of a Google Search button. There are a multitude of forums, blogs and membership sites where you can get information about anything that you want.

There’s just too much information on the internet. If you just rely on the net, you are most likely to end up with analysis paralysis. You would have an immense collection of information which you don’t know what to do with.

All those information you’ve amassed, needs to be massaged into knowledge. Knowledge comes from experience. To gain experience, you need to turn all those information you’ve compiled into actions that can be performed. In short, you need to practice what you’ve learned.

A mentor, with years of experience and knowledge, simply accelerates your learning process. A mentor, from experience, will be able to inform you why certain methods are successful or not so successful.

A mentor provides you with a model which you can emulate. You basically model the actions of your mentor. Do what he does. Do it how he does it. Do it when he does it. By modeling your mentor, you will ultimately transform all the actions you simulate into your very own behavior.

There’s a saying, that if you do something repeatedly for at least 40 days, that action will become part of your behavior. So, basically, if you want to be like your mentor, just model your mentor and do whatever the mentor does for at least 40 days straight.

Yes, you probably can succeed without a mentor. The journey will just be a little bit longer. You’ll be acting on the information you collected without a guide. If a certain method or action is not successful, you’ll only know about it after you’ve done it.

Which path are you willing to take? The short or the long path? Either way, the most important thing is to ACT on it. As a matter of fact, ACT Now!

Mentor Jutawan Irfan Khairi

P/S: If you’re Malaysian, here is a source for possible local mentors.