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Maybank recently introduced to the online business world a new product called Maybank2U Pay. It is essentially an online payment solution for small business in Malaysia. It is supposed to make online payments less painful for online shoppers. At the moment, this facility is only open to a handful of online business types. Lets take a brief look at what Maybank2U Pay really offers.

What Does The Webpage Say?

According to the Maybank2U Pay (I’ll refer to it as M2UPay from now) webpage:

What is Maybank2u Pay?
It is a payment facility designed for small or home businesses conducting online transactions. This allows blog owners the opportunity to manage sales transactions systematically and professionally. Your customers can now “click2pay”, by clicking on the Maybank2u Pay icon on your online blog shop.

Why use Maybank2u Pay?
Running an online business isn’t just about making sales. It involves sourcing for new products, constantly updating your blog, taking great photos for visual guide and many more back-end tasks. Going through receipts and proof of purchase can be time consuming and confusing, if there are a lot of transactions going on at once.

Chances are, mistakes are inevitable and sometimes, it can affect your online business. With this new payment facility, you can enjoy all the benefits below:

  • Easy reconciliation of sales transactions as there is a differentiation between normal funds transfers & Maybank2u Pay
  • Email notification on every transaction
  • View your sales transaction history for the past 60 days via Maybank2u
  • Detailed sales transactions under Maybank2u Pay History:
    • transaction date & time
    • transaction details & status
    • buyer’s name & email
    • amount transferred

All the above sounds good. M2UPay is supposed to make online purchasing at blogshops less painful. Normally the steps to make an online purchase would be:

  1. Calculate total payment required for items + shipping
  2. Open a new browser tab/window for Maybank2U website and login
  3. Look for blogshop M2U account, copy paste into M2U
  4. Submit payment amount as calculated
  5. Copy transaction details
  6. Email/fax/sms transaction details to blogshop owner

With M2UPay, the blogshop payment process will be like:

  1. Calculate total payment required for items + shipping
  2. Click M2UPay button and login
  3. Submit payment amount as calculated

Sounds easier? Lets take a look at the buying process from my following screenshots.
[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”m2upay-login.jpg” ] Clicking on the M2UPay button will launch a new browser window where you will be asked to login into your Maybank2U account. Always remember that login into your Maybank2U account is a two step process. First you will be asked for your username. Then your password. Before you key in your password, make sure that the security image displayed is what you have selected. If it’s different, DO NOT KEY IN YOUR PASSWORD!

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”m2upay-payment.jpg” ] Once you are logged in, you will then be presented with the payment screen. This is where you enter your payment details. Before you do so, it’s best if you verify that the blogshop is actually registered to use M2UPay. Click on the “Verify Blogshop” link and find the blogshop name in the resulting webpage.

The link will open up a new browser window/tab displaying the current registered M2UPay blogshops. You will need to manualy look for the name of the blogshop. No search button available at the moment. You could however use your browser’s search function – press F3.

It would be great if Maybank automatically perform this search over at their end and just display on the screen if the blogshop is registered or not – put a Big Red X Mark if the store is not registered. Otherwise, a search function would be nice. It’s fine right now, but how about when there are hundreds or thousands or millions of blogshops registered?

Don’t forget to also click on the “Disclaimer for payments”. It’s required. Although, I am not really sure what ticking that box means. Perhaps they need to reword that bit of statement. Another thing, why are we given the disclaimer as a pdf download? Why not just put it up on a webpage? Any legal reasons to do it this way?

Back to the process, again. After filling up the payment details and performing the above mentioned verification of site, you can now click on the “Continue” button.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”m2upay-tac.jpg” ] Next, as with any M2U transactions, a TAC confirmation is required. Complete this and the transaction is complete.

Looks to me like, this really makes it easier for buyers with a Maybank account to make online purchases from blogshops. Buyers with a Maybank account will definitely like this.


Yes, I would recommend this to blogshop owners with a Maybank account. However, I imagine that every other bank in Malaysia will probably come out with their own version of this payment button too, if they think it’s worth their while to develop such interface. As a result, blogshop owners will end up having to put in multiple payment buttons into their pages. Lets hope that if they do come out with their version of M2UPay, they will all use a standard sized button image.

Over all, I would say that it’s a good move by Maybank to encourage blogshop owners and buyers to make online transactions for online purchases. However, I would prefer a solution that can be integrated into my shopping cart system. That’s just me, I guess. 😀

Having said that, I am still applying for it to be used in one of my website. I am interested to see how it looks like from a merchant point of view. If my application goes through, I will then do another write up about it here.

I’m not seeing much coverage from blogs about M2UPay. I’m not sure how long the featured blogshops have been using it. I hope that some of them will be willing to provide us with some numbers. Are they seeing more sales coming from Maybank customers as compared to the time before M2UPay was installed?

These are a couple of the featured blogshops which have M2UPay installed:

  • Dynas Nursing Attire –
  • Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak –
  • Minibites –

Is Maybank2U Pay Your Online Payment Solution For Small Business?

Have a look at how M2UPay is integrated into the purchasing flow. Do you think it will work for you? Are you already using it? If so, how easy was it to implement? What do you think about it?

If you have answers to the above few questions, please provide them in the comments section. Your comments and inputs are highly appreciated.