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Happy 2013 to all. It’s another brand new year and today is day one. I figured since it’s day one, it’s best to start on my very own 365 Project.
365 Project Blogging

My first 365 Project. What’s my 365 Project? Well, for the past years, I have really not been consistent with my postings in here. So, This year, I intend to change that.

I intend to write at least one entry in here every single day. For starters, I am not going to add any complex rules to it. I’ll just start with the following:

  1. Any topic
  2. At least 300 words
  3. No scheduled posts – every post must be written and posted on the same day.

That’s it. These are the only rules I am going to impose on myself for this first 365 Project.

Ha ha ha. I guess, for many this would probably be a piece of cake. Not for me. I have to admit, it’s been terribly hard for me to churn out daily entries in here.  Nope, I am not going to give any reason for it.  What’s past is past. Time to start anew.

Among my objectives of starting this project is to improve my writing skills. I noticed that  for the past year or so, it’s becoming more difficult for me to write. It would take me a few hours to complete a 300 word article.  Some would take 4 hours! Yup.. that bad.

I don’t know, maybe I need to go look for a writing class, perhaps? Any recommendations?

Another objective is to study if my daily entries will have any impact on my online businesses. The areas of impact I will be looking at are:

  1. Search Engine Rankings
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion rate

Let’s just monitor the above three first, shall we? Keep it simple. Will add more stuff as we go along. How am I going to monitor them? That’s going to be an entry on its own.

I think there is a saying that says that one needs to do something consistently for 40 days before it becomes a habit. If that saying is true, then the first forty days is crucial to the success of this project.

So, my first mini target is to just write about anything in here consistently for 40 days. Come February 10, I’ll make an evaluation if I should make any changes to the rules of this project.

What do you think about projects like this? Have you ever tried running your own 365 Project?  How did it go? Your thoughts?