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Hadee RoslanKodeeXII.Net is the personal blog of Hadee Roslan.

Did You Know?

Started in the early days of blogging, way back in 2003. This blog has gone through so many changes in terms of hosting, applications and topics.

As with many personal blogs, when I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I was doing. People around me was starting their blog. So, I joined them. Heck, we even offered our own free blogging platform back then. It was known as No longer available now.

Through out the years, I’ve let the blog run without any true focus. It’s always been about whatever I want to write about. I wrote mostly about:

  • Sports – My favorite teams like Tottenham Hotspurs, Miami Hurricanes, Miami Dolphins, Selangor FC and of course the Harimau Malaya Football Team
  • Technology – Among the topics I frequently write about are WordPress, Google, Microsoft, and Netbooks
  • Online Business – Slowly but surely, I began my journey into becoming a full time Internet Marketer.
  • Family and Friends and more.

KodeeXII.Net have also gone through a number of neglected periods. For whatever reasons, I just didn’t write anything in it for long periods of time. Strangely though, it continues to receive traffic. Thanks to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, of course.

At the moment, I’m in the midst of putting this blog into another period of transformation. As I am now a full time Internet Marketer, I figured I might as well turn this blog around to fit with what I’m doing today.

To start with, I’m putting KodeeXII.Net into the 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Challenge. So, we shall see in the coming 30 days or so if this does become a better blog.

What is KodeeXII.Net About?

In short, this is Hadee Roslan’s Guide To Building a Professional and Successful Online Business.

Yeah, ok.. Really.. What can you get from KodeeXII.Net?

Right.. Here is what you are going to find in here from now on.

  • How To Start A Successful Online Business
  • How To Run A Professional Online Business
  • How To Build A Loyal List of Customers To Your Online Business
  • How To Successfully Market Your Online Business

The above are the main core topics I will be writing about. However, I will actually zoom in on the technology usage, mindset development, methods and action items to act upon.

The idea here is I want to provide guidance to those who are relatively new to online business. With proper guidance from the materials in KodeeXII.Net, you will learn how to start and make your online presence a successful one. Not only will you have a presence on the Net, you will also in time create a professional branding of your business on the Internet.

I see so many people starting to do their business online. However, I see them doing it the not so correct way. Instead of creating a professional branding of their business on the Internet, many are just simply putting up quick online fronts on the many free web sites – blogspots, weebly, etc.

I say.. Start promoting your own brand with a domain of your own, instead of someone else’s domain.

Are you thinking about starting an Online Business? Don’t know where to start? Leave me a note. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Who knows, maybe I can help you out in your online business ventures.